Book 2 - Stand Against The Night

Release Date: December 18, 2015

June, 2005

The human population of the planet Éhofen is dying
from the effects of an ancient biological weapon.
Its global AI is paralyzed, also under attack.

Éhofen - - a people of legend and mystery,
past masters of the physical and mental sciences - -
people whom the humans of Earth dimly remember in legend,
in folklore, in myth - -


Only one person can gather help from all over the Refuge Confederation,
from non-human spacefaring people,
from planetary-scale AIs, even from Earth itself,
to put an end to that catastrophe.

Élowynn Carmischal, Heir to the Throne of Éhofen,
is willing to abandon even her inheritance in her
relentless quest to save her people.

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