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Welcome to the Refuge Confederation

Thank you for visiting this website!

This is the official website for Robert Mariner’s “Refuge Confederation” science-fiction stories which are currently available in e-book format only from Smashwords and from other e-book retailers.

This site will provide useful bits of information: what the Refuge Confederation is; its history; who its people are; and some of the cultural details that make each of its worlds unique within the Confederation, as well as like the others – and both similar to and different from what we have right here on Earth.

Depending on demand, we hope to offer some small but good-quality merchandise to you valued Readers, including the usual T-shirts, mugs, baseball caps, sew-on patches; perhaps if this series gains an adequate following, also a limited-run set of poster-sized copies of the four anticipated “Refuge Series” covers, individually signed and serial numbered, only 100 such sets in case they might become collectible. There is also a hope to sell some advertising space. After all, this is a commercial website . . .

This site is under construction. Please be patient! We all want this site to not only satisfy your interest in the Refuge Confederation, but also be one that might inspire your imagination so that together we might help bring humanity here on Earth into a peaceful, free and worthwhile future.

All genuine progress starts as someone’s dissatisfaction with the status quo.

“Respect, inquire, learn, share, and help.” – Credo of the Refuge Confederation

(Release date unknown)